Our Features

This IoT-Bharat cloud infra has been hosted on an Indian server based in Pune, India managed by Indians
The cloud infra is based on Things Board Open source software.


We make your connections easy

Create assets, devices and dash boards. Make all kinds of visualisations like line graphs, pie charts, dials and gauges. Conrol your devices with rule based engines

  • Indian Server
  • We know each other
  • Secure
  • Support on demand
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Pay as you grow

"IoT Dashboard supported by OpenSource Community"

Things board IoT platform is well known in the indstry for ease of use and robustness
Connect devices, push data and vsualize on dashbords of your choice.


ThingsBoard is an open source platform widely used by many

Special Support

We have exclusive support team to help you to get your data on cloud. Check out our team here

IoT Gateway - Hardware Platform

We have developed our own gateway. For more details on gateway visit Solank Power System


Feature rich dashboards with line and pie charts, dials and gagues and many more.


ThingsBoard provides MQTT, HTTP and CoAP based APIs that are available for your device applications/firmware.


Simple token based security for the device data uploads..

About Us

We felt that there is a need for a Indian infra for IoT. The reason for this is given below
The main reason is the data security. Let us explain in details.

Why an Indian Infrastructure?

Traditionally, IoT infra has been offered by the leading cloud service providers. There are many advantages in our services to you. We are known to you. You know our contact details. Any time you can call us and resolve the issue at the earliest.

Regarding the data security, all their cloud services are fully secure. They use all the latest features of the cyber security technology. They have access to those technology. But it is like keeping a cat to take care of the milk. We know the cat will not allow rats to drink the milk. But.... There are many incidences in the past to support this arguement

For the major cloud infra providers, IoT is one of the many services they offer. But for us, IoT is the only service we offer. So we will be always try to excell in our service quality

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We will be reasonable in our pricing. We may be a little expensive than the branded ones. The reason is simple. For them, sone one else's data is money. But not for us.
We grow by your payment alone.

  • ₹250 per device per month
  • 25 Devices
  • Shared infra
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Dash Board
  • E-mail Support
  • Get It Now!
  • ₹3000 per month
  • Unlimited devices
  • Independant Server
  • Secure data transfer
  • Configarable Dashboards
  • E-mail, chat and phone support
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  • ₹5000 One Time charges
    your Server
  • 15Unlimited devices
  • Infra hosted at your server
  • ₹1500 for Support per month
  • Configarable Dashboards
  • E-mail, chat and phone support
  • Get It Now!

Connection Stats

We are just launching. So we do not have any history
We would like to grow from your support.

In Progress

Amazing Team

Kadal Amutham
The Lead Architect.

Kadal Amutham


udaya Vel




Guru Balan



The following are the comments we have received from our well wishers
They have promised to launch their devices in our infra.

I am planning to launch all my condition monitoring devices in this platform since I know Mr. Kadal Amutham for a decade or so
Mr. Kankeyan
Domain Expert - Condition Monitoring
We will be launching all our future IoT devices in this platform since we are very confident on the expertise of this team
Mr. N.Shubramaniyan
Business Development Executive
I wish great success for this new and innovative ail Indian infra in IoT
Embedded System Expert

Contact Us

We are here always to help if you need any support or hel[
We always remain at your service.

Contact Info

Solank Power System.
35/2 Jyotsna Apartment, Padmavati Nagar
Velecherry Chennai 600042 India
Ph:91 9444360480